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We dedicate ourselves to perfection. The process in which the wings are preserved took much thought, experimentation and a somewhat acquired knowledge of science.
At best, it’s been challenging and a long road, but oh so worth it!  We can assure you that our products are of premium quality. We use a UV protected crystal clear resin, which is very durable and should last indefinitely.

WOW products are like no other. We take only the most beautiful cuts of wings, preserve and set them. We are truly doing something very exciting and original.

 A love of what we do promises it will only get better, so keep watching to see what new creations take flight.

Caring for your WOW piece:

  • Avoid any prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as well as  artificial lighting.

  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures.

  • Although surface is very durable, when not being worn store  jewelry in cool dry place. To prevent scratches keep in original packaging.

  • To clean we suggest a quick cleanse with soap and water or  jewelers cloth. Avoid all commercial liquid jewelry cleansers as well as any abrasive cleansers. Take special care to avoid contact with chemicals such as chlorine, bleach or other household cleansers.

  • Avoid submerging jewelry in water, swimming, showering, etc. Exposure to moisture or humidity could possibly cause preserved wing to discolor.

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